Rewarding & Insightful


The Helmsman Project facilitators are the front line of our work and are key to affecting positive difference in the lives of our participants.

Facilitators deliver our Community & Wellbeing program in schools; they are the people our participants look at, listen to and learn from; their words and actions are critical in the impact of our program. Facilitators support participants to develop their capacity for self-reflection, goal setting and taking action and persisting towards achieving goals through a combination of psycho-social education, team activities and reflective learning debriefs. The ability to relate to young people and engage them in active learning and reflective conversations in a way that is both supportive and challenging is key to this role. Facilitators of our programs are provided with: 

  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of young people
  • Training in cutting edge learning, motivation and wellbeing theories and the practical application of this knowledge
  • Training in developmental theory, coaching and positive psychology models
  • Opportunity to learn facilitation approaches to maximise learning and engagement
  • Ongoing professional development through regular learning sessions

We are looking for facilitators who can quickly build rapport with young people, excite them about the program and their potential, lead activities and facilitate reflective discussions. In other words, you need to be energetic, approachable, curious, empathetic and reflective with a keen desire to learn. You will also have experience facilitating and working with young people, and hold a current NSW Working with Children Check. Facilitators must be able to commit to: 

  • Attend facilitator training prior to commencement of workshop delivery
  • Deliver a ca 4-hour workshop (including breaks) in schools across metropolitan Sydney in collaboration with other Helmsman Project facilitators
  • Participate in on-going training and development as required
  • Report to The Helmsman Project as necessary, including providing feedback on program design, delivery and effectiveness, and participant engagement

“I meet a new, diverse group of young people every time -  each student with a different vision,
life experience and journey that we have to appreciate and understand. Watching how they cope
with the challenges presented to them, sharing their successes, responding to their doubts and
seeing small but significant shifts in the way they view their world—I don’t think there’s anything
more personally or professionally rewarding.”   Serena Porges, Volunteer Coach