Privacy is important

Privacy Policy

The Helmsman Project respects the privacy of its participants and other stakeholders, is committed to protecting the privacy of the people whose personal information it collects and managing that information in an open and transparent way. The Helmsman Project Privacy Policy complies with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  The Privacy Policy outlines The Helmsman Project’s personal data handling practices. This includes the kinds of personal information collected; how it is collected; how it is stored and protected; how it is used; who it might be disclosed to; and the rights of everyone to access information held about them or to lodge a complaint.

What type of information does The Helmsman Project collect?

The Helmsman Project only collects information that is deemed necessary to carry out the organisation’s functions and activities, including information from participants, employees, volunteers and attendees to events. This information is collected by lawful and fair means. Where practicable, individuals may choose to remain anonymous, or use a pseudonym when dealing with The Helmsman Project. However, anonymity may not be possible where it prevents the individual’s involvement in aspects of the organisation or it is required by law.

The information collected by The Helmsman Project relates to:

■  Program participants and parents and/or guardians before, during and after their involvement with The Helmsman Project
■  Directors, staff members, volunteers, prospective employees, contractors, school principals, teachers and participants in training courses
■  Members of The Helmsman Project
■  Donors to The Helmsman Project
■  Guests who attend The Helmsman Project events or information courses
■  Other people who come into contact with The Helmsman Project.

The information generally collected may include the following:

■  Information, instructions or correspondence that individuals provide to us
■  Names
■  Postal address, email address and social media accounts
■  Phone and fax numbers
■  Date of birth
■  Gender
■  Background
■  Education, training and qualifications
■  School records
■  Referee information
■  Next of kin information
■  Occupation and employment history
■  Photographs or video recordings
■  Data in the context of The Helmsman Project research
■  Sensitive information collected by consent is:

■  Criminal record history (for child protection)
■  Health information (for duty of care purposes)
■  Storage and security of your Personal Information

We take reasonable steps to ensure the security of all Personal Information we collect and ensure that such information is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
We hold Personal Information on a secure database which can be accessed only by authorised personnel and in paper files which are stored in locked cabinets.

Personal Information will be retained by The Helmsman Project for as long as is necessary to provide the Services and for a reasonable time after the provision of the services ends. 

How does The Helmsman Project collect the data?

The Helmsman Project collects data directly from the individual through multiple media such as: written forms, online forms, telephone conversations, emails, the website, schools and place of employment, face-to-face meetings, interviews, surveys, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and by donations or purchases.

Information relating to minors will be collected from their parent and/or guardian, the minors themselves (with parental consent) and from schools (with parental consent). Consent given by parents and/or guardians will be treated as consent on behalf of the child.

The Helmsman Project may also receive information from supporters about other individuals who may be interested in supporting The Helmsman Project. If The Helmsman Project receives unsolicited personal information, a decision will be made as to whether The Helmsman Project could have collected that information via its own means, if not then the information will be destroyed within a reasonable time frame.

How does The Helmsman Project store and protect the data?

The Helmsman Project takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information. Cloud-based data systems, a hard drive located at The Helmsman Project premises and lockable cabinets are used to file and store personal data. Access to this information is physically and/or password protected and only the authorised employees or volunteers who require the information will be issued with a password. Those with access to the stored data will only have access to the information that is a specific requirement to the task or purpose they are undertaking.

If personal information is no longer needed for the purpose it was collected, then The Helmsman Project will take reasonable steps to destroy the information or ensure that the information is de-identified.

The purpose for which The Helmsman Project needs your personal information

The Helmsman Project requires personal and sensitive data to facilitate a range of functions within the organisation. Data will only be used for the particular purpose for which it was collected, and the individual will be informed at the time of collection what that purpose is, unless consent has been given or it is reasonably expected that the information would be used for a secondary purpose that relates to the primary purpose. 

Examples of the uses of The Helmsman Project personal data relate to:

■  Processing applications for participants
■  The conduct of research, which has current SERAP and ethics approval
■  Informing parents and children about The Helmsman Project programs, events and general happenings of the organisation
■  Running and processing of the business, training courses and volunteer/employee clearances
■  Satisfying legal obligations and duty of care 
■  Seeking donations
■  Promotion of The Helmsman Projects events and services.

All of The Helmsman Project’s marketing mailings feature an ‘opt-out’ clause. If an individual chooses to ‘opt-out,’ then The Helmsman Project will no longer contact them again for that particular purpose. Personal information will not be used for direct marketing unless consent has been given or it is considered a reasonable expectation to use the personal information for that purpose. 

To whom does The Helmsman Project disclose personal information?

The Helmsman Project only discloses personal and sensitive information where that information is necessary to undertake a particular task and where consent has been provided to disclose information for that purpose or if required by law. Those who would require such information are:

■  Staff and volunteers involved in the delivery of programs
■  Internal support services such as employees and board members
■  Medical practitioners if one of the participants, staff or volunteers requires medical attention
■  Insurers
■  Contractors providing a service to the program
■  Organisations and individuals that assist The Helmsman Project in fundraising and marketing activities
■  Third parties required by law, including the Australian Federal Police for working with children checks
■  Anyone else to whom the individual authorises disclosure.

De-identified participant data is also evaluated and published through The Helmsman Project’s research projects, as approved by the relevant ethics authorities including the State Education Research Applications Process (SERAP).

Does The Helmsman Project disclose personal information to overseas recipients?

Before The Helmsman Project discloses personal information about an individual to a person (the overseas recipient):

1.     who is not in Australia or an external Territory; and

2.     who is not the entity or the individual; 

The Helmsman Project will take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles (other than Australian Privacy Principle 1) in relation to the information.

Accessing your personal information

Individuals are able to, at any time, request access to their personal details which are held by The Helmsman Project. This is also applicable to individuals who request a correction to their personal details.  Individuals are encouraged to alert The Helmsman Project of any errors or changes to their personal information as they become aware of them and The Helmsman Project will endeavour to update the information so it remains correct and up-to-date. Requests should be done in writing by contacting the Privacy Officer on the information below, and a response will be provided within a reasonable time.

The Helmsman Project will require the individual to verify their identity in order to access the information. The Helmsman Project is not required to give access to personal information if any of the following conditions apply:

■  Access to the information would pose a serious threat to the life, health or safety of any individual or to public health or safety
■  Providing access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals
■  The request is frivolous or vexatious
■  The information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings and would not be discoverable in those proceedings
■  Giving access would prejudice negotiations with the individual
■  Giving access would be unlawful
■  Denying access is a legal or legally authorised requirement
■  There is reason to suspect that unlawful activity or misconduct has occurred and access would likely prejudice taking appropriate action
■  Access would likely prejudice one or more enforcement related activities
■  Access would reveal evaluative information in connection with commercially sensitive decision-making.
■  Complaints

For any privacy issues or concerns that you may have, including a complaint that The Helmsman Project has breached the Australian Privacy Principles, please contact our Privacy Officer on the below contact details. Please put the request or complaint in writing and The Helmsman Project will endeavour to investigate the matter and respond within 30 days. Where appropriate, steps will be taken to remedy any concerns.

The Helmsman Project Privacy Officer:


Mailing Address: PO Box 5101, Wheeler Heights, NSW, 2097, Australia

 If you would like a printed copy of this document, please contact The Helmsman Project’s Privacy Officer.

This privacy policy may change from time to time without notice to ensure we comply with our legal obligations. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on our website. This policy is revised as at June 2017.